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Welcome to MTO Hose Solutions


MTO Hose Has Expanded to the Lone Star State

With an increasing demand for faster shipping times west of the Mississippi River, MTO Hose has captured an opportunity to meet that increasing demand head on.  With a new installation in Dallas, TX we have adopted the help of our new VP of Sales and Marketing, Shane Carter.  Shane brings extensive knowledge with over 25 years experience in the industry.  We are excited to hit the ground running with MTO Hose of Texas so that we can better serve our customers.

A Letter from the CEO

Here’s a little more information about who we are and how we got started.  Having spent 25 years working for large multinational PTFE hose and fitting manufacturers/distributors I saw an opportunity in the market place - to offer customers a knowledge based PTFE hose and fitting company that could solve problems quickly by backing those solutions with a large inventory.  In 2003 MTO Hose Solutions was born and to my great satisfaction I have seen double-digit growth in the company’s market share both domestically and internationally. 

What has driven this success is our know-how and experience in PTFE hose and fittings and investment in cutting edge technology - all backed by strong customer service.   What does this mean for you?  Simply that you have a partner whom you can depend on for expertise, well-stocked inventory and quick delivery.

MTO, backed by almost 40 years of experience, is uniquely positioned to meet all your PTFE hose and fitting needs – no matter how small or large or specialized or generic the application.

My team and I look forward to working with you.

Don Malizia - CEO